A neat digital illustration of Stephanie, made by Stephanie.

I'm Stephanie.

I’ve spent a lot of time working to understand how people think. After studying sociology I taught special education in Oakland, where I learned how different types of minds understand the same information differently.

I’ve spent the last 6 years collaborating with cross-functional product teams where understanding how to communicate for different audiences has been critical to my day to day success. What I’ve realized on my journey is that the best part about being human is the challenge of transforming individual ideas into shared meaning.

That’s exactly what I love about UX; translating digital products into meaningful human experiences. I love the challenge of shaping an idea into a format that can be understood by everyone. For me, the best compliment anyone can give or receive is, “you get it.”

Besides designing digital experiences for all types of humans, my other interests include in-person storytelling, sketching, team building, and MacGyvering functional solutions with imperfect tools.

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